“A family that rides bikes together stays together.” -unknown

Our dad Gary, ‘The Godfather,’ entered and finished his first mtb race over 25 years ago in black Lycra shorts and a hot pink sweatshirt (this outfit choice was strategic so our mom, Carol, could pick him out of the crowd).

We’re not sure whether it was the outfit or the event that made an impression on us as kids, but it did spark something wild in our family which started our love of bike riding and racing.

Tom was first to jump in the scene entering his first race at 11 years old.  Jeff followed many years later and it was this entrance into the scene that formed #benderbrosracing.

#benderbrosracing has focus on racing mountain bikes (and other disciplines) at the highest level of the sport.  Headquartered in scenic Utah we travel to select events throughout the year crushing the competition as we see fit.

Today, we’re lucky to all still be racing. Dad at 60(!), Mom whom runs the support crew (hardest job around), lovely wife Jess, our Aunt, Cousins, and extended family too!  It’s truly a family affair and #benderbrosracing wouldn’t have it any other way.

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