A Day Like No Other

#sundayfunday started out like most other weekend days - load the car and point it to the mountains to get outta the heat. I had @j_bendzz as my co-pilot today (see previous post as to @jessicambender's whereabouts) and we decided on Deer Valley as our start. We began just rolling along, lower Deer Valley to upper, mid-mountain, @j_bendzz got his first bee sting, Tommy Two Step, Keystone, big 'ol Momma moose and 2 pups (that brings my moose total this year to 18!), Keystone, then down, cue @j_bendzz 2nd bee sting, then climb again 🙄 for what seemed like dayz up Pinecone to the top of Puke Hill. Views were had and pics snapped and then...this Slovakian shows up. Now, for those that enjoy cycling, being the road World Champ is kinda a big thing. This World Champ also just won the green jersey in the Tour De France (last week). This guy is now heading to the Olympics to race, no, not on the road, but on mountain bikes. 😍 I rarely get star struck but this guy - @petosagan - I really enjoy. Like, really, I am a big fan. Wait though, it gets better. So Peter asks "which way back to Park City?" I try to explain, "head down here, take this trail, etc" but then just say "we'll just show you..." So @benderbrosracing creates a patented #bender sandwich and escorts him down to another close-by intersection that he can take down into PCMR. We've still got a ways to go and at this point I'm just over the top. Peter then says, "which way does that go?" pointing in the direction we're heading. I explain and say, "yada, yada, yada, Deer Valley eventually..." 45 minutes and a handful of righteous trails later we drop Peter off in Deer Valley. 😳 Seriously. No, really, @benderbrosracing spent part of the day rallying trail with the best in the world. Oh, and yea, I made a snarly face for the picture. Good luck, @petesagan you just made our week, nah, maybe year!

Words by Thomas Bender


©2016 #benderbrosracing