Last I-cup of the Season

Quick little write up on last I-cup of the year. The last race was held at Solitude Mountain Resort up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It had rained the night before and the race course was in perfect condition. The trails were tacky, and if you know Utah the trails are usually never tacky in the summer. Another strong pro men field with our teammate Chris Holley taking the lead early on and holding it the entire race. Congrats to him on such a strong race. The Bender Bros worked together to chase down first and second. Tom took the descents like a pro downhiller and Jeff led the uphills like a mountain lion. Unfortunately we weren't able to close the gap to second but it sure was a blast to race together from start to finish. Tom let Jeff take third so he could take third overall in whole series. Next up comes one of our favorite times of the year... Cyclocross. 

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