4th of July + Mountain Bike Nationals

We're back again, this time to talk about our 4th of July Holiday. You will never guess what we did, okay maybe you will... Another local Intermountain Cup race, and this time it was Snowbird Ski Resort. This race had a great turn out, but unfortunately neither of us had a great race. Sometimes the legs just aren't there, and today was just once of those days. We still enjoyed the heck out of it though, and made the best of what was given to us. 

After the race Jeff had about a week and half of good hard training before getting ready to head out to Mountain Bike Nationals in Mammoth, California. Tom was unable to attend, so Jeff found his way out there with his good friend AG. He was also fortunate enough to stay three minutes from the venue with some good friends he use to race against back in Wisconsin. Everything fell together nicely, and turned out to be one of best places he had been to all year. Mammoth is located at about eight thousand plus feet, with gorgeous views all around. The race consisted of a lot of climbing and one awesome descent before you shot back down to the start/finish line area. Jeff was stoked that he was able finish 27th overall on the lead lap for his first pro national race. Hats off to his friend AG who finished third overall in short track and XC race. 

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