Missoula Pro XCT + Sundance I-Cup

Jeff's trusty 91' Jetta Tdi was packed and ready to rip on a sunny Friday morning in June.  His final destination was Missoula, Montana for the Missoula Pro XCT.  A quick 9 hr drive, and he was on course pre riding before the sun was down. After registration he was able to meet up with a good friend Alex and his teammates for dinner. Race day was a long one, Pro men didn't go off until 7:30 at night. The day consisted of a lot of T.V. and down time.  When the race finally got underway Jeff was able to get a solid 4 laps in until he was unfortunately pulled. Legs weren't quiet there that day for him but you can't always expect to have a great race. Next morning he was able to ride with a good friend Sarah before heading out on the road back home.  

Next up was Intermountain Cup at Sundance Ski resort, Utah.  This is the first time Jeff had raced there but Tom has certainly thrown down here in the past. Jeff was able to get the hole shot and hold a solid first lap before finally getting caught. An unfortunate flat put him out of contention for the top spot but he was still able to hold it off for third. Tom came in fifth shortly after to round out the top five.   

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