2014 year in review, pt 2.

…Continued (LINK)Our dad started doing the Chequamegon Fat Tire race ions ago and Tom jumped shortly after. We have had other family members such as our aunt, cousins, and other family friends join in on this race as well.  This year we ended up racing neck and neck the entire day until the finish line. It hurt so good but was tough to be just outside the top 20.  However, out of 1800 riders, 21 and 22 isn’t a bad place to be.  Check out the LINK to this camera footage from one of our Utah buddies who also made the trip east.  Hats off to our Mom for slinging bottles, bravo!

Autumn is an interesting time in the Wasatch, the trails are in absolute primo condition, leaves are turning, and generally the trails are empty.  BUT fall also brings together another bunch of bike dorks, cyclocrossers.  Normally riding around in circles in a city park is uninteresting…but racing around in a city park is a blast.  Enter UTCX and the spectacle that cx is.  One of our favorite cx races this year was the Devils Night Clammy Cross event.  We went 2nd and 3rd in the pro field and it was made even better that our Dad was out for a trip, racing the single speed category and cheering us on. We took multiple top 5 finishes this year in the UTCX series rounding it out with a with a couple podium places too.  It was a great cap the racing season!

BUT WAIT, theres more.  THE ICEMAN COMETH.  A big one in the Midwest, huge if you will.  Racers from all over the globe come to test their abilities, four thousand of them.  The weather was chilly up there, and they were calling for rain the night before making it a sloppy one.  Saturday the Pro/Cat1 field didn’t go off until 2. The whole morning it poured rain and it didn’t let up until the start when it started snowing. The race certainly lived up to its name with it being one of the best races Jeff has done in his short racing career. Fast flowy single track, wide open double track, and a stellar finishing area.  One of the most memorable parts of the race was racing neck and neck with Dan McConnell a World Cup Mountain Bike Winner and Australian National Champ.  Kudos to pops for shoferring Jeff around for a fast weekend trip!

Last, a huge thank you to all of our sponsors for 2014.  Morvelo Cycling Clothing, The Kuhl Race Team, Manitou Suspension, Answer Components, Scrub Rotors, Kinesis UK frames, Pioneer Cycling, Planet Bike, Go Live, ESI Grips, and Smith Optics.  We can’t say thank you enough for the support you’ve given.  Here’s to 2015!

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