2014 year in review, pt. 1

Geez whizz, 2014, where to begin?  It was a great season especially racing together all season weekend in, weekend out, with one of us always pushing the pace harder then the other.

Our first adventure was to supposedly “sunny and warm” California – where it was cold and windy. Jeff toed the line and unfortunately, as luck would have it, the body was ready but the bike wasn’t.  A free-hub mechanical caused some frustration, but in all, new friends, old friends and a great adventure made the trip worth wild.  Jeff’s 7th place finish in the Cat 1 field had him leaving wanting more and thus we’re planning on the trip again in April.

In between some travel back to the midwest to visit family we spent some time pushing the pedals at our local Midweek Mountain Bike Series on Tuesday nights along with the weekend series The Intermountain Cup.  Grand stuff, classic courses and great times were had by all (We can’t vouch for everyone but it seemed like everyone had good times)-

Mid-season Jeff jam packed his trusty ’91 Jetta TDI and took a quick solo trip to Colorado Springs to race in the Pro XCT.  With Sunday’s race temps pushing over 100° F the racing was literally hot.  Way hot, like it couldn’t have been any hotter.  Those conditions didn’t stop Jeff from coming away with a 4th place in the Cat 1 field and some possible heat stroke.  We quoted him post race saying “whatevs” and hearing that he’s looking to pack the Jetta up again for a return trip this year.

With a bit of a break after CS we fled to the mountains for some great high country training to get us ready for the Park City Point to Point. At about 75 miles and 11k ft of climbing it’s not your average day in the saddle.  It seems like the climbs never stop nor does the single track which makes up 95% of the race.  After 7 hours and 20 minutes in the pain cave we were beat but finished.  We have to send out a huge thanks to our support crew of Jessica Bender, Cameron Hooyer, and Steve Linder (who came all the way from IL) to come cheer us on!

To be continued…

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